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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Men of the Cave take on plumbing

Thanks to Hector, Louie, Rolfy, and Pablo, for installing a sink in our garage. Now we're ready for the portable shower if it ever gets here. They're telling me Tuesday, hope the Cave men can come back and put it together. The men of Russ's small group are awesome Godly men, and great friends. We love you guys, even the ones not in our garage. You'll notice that Russ was supervising, he's going stir crazy without being able to move much. Anyone wanting to stop by give him a call he loves visitors.


  1. What a wonderful group of guys.

  2. Wow! Russ and Lisa are so fortunate to have such an awesome group of friends. I wish I was there but it looks like the "cave men" have it all under control. I miss you but you are in good hands and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks to Russ and Lisa's wonderful support group. Love you sis and Russ. God bless. Cheryl