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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's all in a Days Work

Well Russ is now on a regular schedule for Occupational (for his wrist) and Physical (for his pelvis) therapy. Every Tuesday and Thursday he takes a transport van to Sharp Rehab and spends a couple of hours working to rebuild his muscles. He's getting good reports from his therapists, he's a model student. So as of today he can touch his thumb to the bottom of his little finger, and he can almost lay his arm flat on the table (the back of his arm that is). As for the bottom half of his rehab (the bottom half of his body) he's sitting at a 75 degree angle, and using his walker more, he can put 50 to 60 pounds of pressure on his right leg and is working on his posture when standing.
It's still a slow go, sometimes feelings can get a little touchy (cranky), for both of us. They say he won't be able to get up stairs for a couple more months so we're both lonely at night. It's also hard not being able to get up and go whenever we feel like it. I so miss my husband's company, no errands together, dinners out, drives around town. We go to church every weekend and we are going to try a movie this weekend. Russ is able to sit comfortably in his chair for longer periods of time now so hopefully we'll be getting out a little more.
Next week will be very busy with doctors visits and finally the removal of the hated catheter, we're praying that everything is healed and he'll come home catheter free. Each week gets us a little closer to normal life again. Maybe that's the problem I keep waiting for normal instead of just living in the moment and being thankful for where we are in this season of our life. Thank you Lord for our lives today and tomorrow whatever they bring.

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