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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visit to Dr. Smith

Yesterday was eventful, we took the transport van to the doctors 2:30 appointment which means: leave house at 1:20, arrive 2:00, go into back room 4:15, leave Dr. office 5:15, home 6:20. Yes, the Doc was running behind, if Russ could have walked out we would have. The news from the doctor was good though. They finally removed the stitches from his left thigh and as you can see from the xray he is healing well. He can now start to reduce his recline and start to sit more upright a little at a time. He can also start to put a tiny bit of weight on his right leg. So he can go back to therapy now, thank the Lord. If he doesn't get out of the house and talk to some other people soon he may go completely crazy (and I may go before him) I'm sure this is going to test our relationship like nothing else has. He's starting to get cranky and everyone knows I give as good as I get, please pray I learn to let it bounce off me.

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  1. Hope the crankiness is improving aswell as everything else.

    Loves to all of you!!