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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in the Groove

Russ only had to have blood thinner shots for 2 days thank the Lord. It's painful to have shots in your tummy when you have no fat there. He would have thrown a fit like the kids use to if he thought it would stop the nurse, so for now it's only oral meds. On Thursday he got to go back to therapy just on his wrist for now, but I could tell he felt better doing something. It's getting harder to be up beat all the time, Russ does his best though. I try too he's just better at it.

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  1. Those shots really are no fun. I had to give them to my grandpa for 10 days when he had his hip replaced.

    I think I hurt him a few times, but he never let me know it.

    I'm soo glad he's doing so much better, I hope you & the kids are too!

    loves & prayers