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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rough days

Sometimes it hard to post when there's not anything new or fantastic to post about. if you ask Russ how he's doing he'll always say I'm doing good or he'll reassure everyone that everything will be fine. When I ask him why he does that he says "because people don't want to know the bad stuff". That's Russ always thinking about everyones feelings, before his own. Well the past couple of days have been very tough on him and I think people should know it.

Tuesday we started the day at 4am to be ready for a 5am transport bus to Scripps La Jolla for a 8am procedure. The urologist removed the catheter he's had in since the 16th of Nov. and scoped to see if Russ's urethra had healed. This is what Russ has been waiting weeks for the removal of this pain in the *$# bag, he was coming home with no leash. Now Russ is under general anaesthesia for this so he doesn't know what's happening. So the doctor does his thing and finds that Russ has not totally healed, so a new catheter goes in and Russ wakes up to a big disappointment.

Ok, so what's a couple of more weeks we can do this, no big deal. Then in the post op check out room they give him a leg bag that holds about 8oz of liquid and straps to his thigh (thanks). So I'm on the phone calling his case manager to see if we go to the rehab center can they help us. Remember we are already 8 hours into our day and back in the transport bus headed to the clinic at rehab. Russ is still a little out of it from being under and has the worst cotton mouth ever, I have to limit his water intake though because the bag holds 8oz. He's hurting from being poked and prodded and now we have to go to another hospital to try and get the right equipment for him. In his words "this is disheartening".

When we got to the clinic the Lord took pity on us and things went smoothly, the nurse was available, she was nice and informative (gave us info we could of used weeks ago and life would have been easier). In and out in 45 mins and we're on our way home, Russ was so tired that he slept with workers using compression nail guns 10 feet away from him. Yes we are finally getting a pocket door on the powder room, Russ will be able to get his walker into the restroom and use a real toilet and close the door, yah.

Today he wakes up sore but with a good attitude (my husband is amazing). He has a 4:30 doctors appointment with his rehab doc this is the first one since he was released. The purpose is to see how the transition to home is and how he's feeling. Two hours later the doctor had a good understanding of what he's going through, but probably made a note that we need counseling. Remember how I said Russ won't complain or tell anyone how crappy he feels, he thinks this applies to doctors too. I kept telling her how much pain he was in and he kept minimizing everything ( I wanted to hurt him). I'm sure she thought I was nuts and just babying my husband (if you know me you know I don't baby anyone). So she's trying to figure out why he can't do things if he feels as good as he says he does and I'm pulling my hair out and trying to reason with him that it's not being a sissy to say things hurt after being run over by a truck. I'm saying he's hyper sensitive to touch in certain areas and he's saying no he's not it's normal. Well finally the doctor says drop your pants and touches one of those areas he screams she says it was a feather touch and he finally gets that he shouldn't be in that much pain. Can you believe they have different meds that can help nerve pain, and that's not what he's on because no one except his wife and him knew how much pain he is in because he doesn't tell doctors what they need to know to help him. New meds start tomorrow let's pray for better days, if you ask Russ how he feels and he says fine know that it's his way of making you feel better and tell him he's full of it.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Any men reading this tell your doctors how you really feel and let them figure out if it's normal or not.

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