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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day Surprise

This weekend was a good one, Russ has been working super hard at therapy and somehow keeping me in the dark. Not easy because he can not keep a secret for the life of him. So as you can all see he surprised me by walking up the stairs Sunday morning (yes you're seeing it right no help it's all him). This is amazing the doctors said 12 weeks before he could put full weight on both legs and he healed so well that he's going upstairs in 12 weeks. Of course he still has a lot of pain but he's powering through and determined to get more independent. I let him lay in bed with his shoes on (I figured he earned it). For the first time in 3 months we slept in the same bed on Valentines night. Wow, it felt weird but wonderful at the same time. The dogs were so happy, when they woke up in the morning they all went over and gave dad kisses (I waited for my kiss until the dog slobber was gone). He's spending less time in his wheelchair and went to church on Saturday night using his walker everyone was so happy for him. We're having a little more freedom now, I can lift the walker into the back of the car, no way could I lift the chair. This Friday is another appointment to remove the catheter please pray, this thing really needs to go. If he comes home with a catheter he will be sooo disappointed and I may have to name it and beadazzle it to lift his mood. Gotta laugh or we would cry way too much.

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