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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Delay

Today was the day Russ' catheter was supposed to come out. We where at the doctors office Russ had worked himself into a panic, but was also so excited to get rid of his annoying little leg friend. The doctor walks into the room and says "Friday is not a good day to remove a catheter". WHAT, yes he was serious if there are any complications it's not good for them to be on the weekend. Duh Doc you couldn't of told us that prior to us being so excited and driving all the way to La Jolla. Oh and don't forget that now we get to remove it at home on Monday morning. So now we pull it out at home and then wait 4 hours to see if everything is flowing alright, if not we get in the car and drive to his office, for who knows what. Just let me tell you if we have to go to his office on Monday you my see my name in the paper for strangling a doctor with a full catheter hose. What a putz, how about a little concern for the mental health of your patients doc. Well as a very wise women told Russ before "It's not for a lifetime dad, you can do it". Will update Monday on the leg monster.

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