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Monday, December 28, 2009

Russ attends Jon and Marites's wedding

Well the two things Russ most wanted to do over the Christmas weekend happened. Church on Christmas Eve and the wedding we've all been waiting for Jon Llera finally took the plunge. We are so happy for the bride and groom and Russ was so excited to be able to attend the event.
Congratulations to Jon and Marites, we love you.
We're still trying to navigate our way through his recuperation
every new setup takes time to get used too. We'll make it through, with prayer and his grace.
Tomorrow the pins come out of Russ's wrist, so one more restriction down we hope. If you're one of the people that love the medical pics check tomorrow I'll take pics of the whole process. yah.


  1. Russ and Lisa,

    We think of you every day and are amazed at the progress you have made. We will be in San Diego in February and will see you than.

    ALl our love,

    Glen and Ellen

  2. February can't get here soon enough.

  3. It's amazing to seeall the progress Rus has made. We need ot give credit to our Lord. It is truly amazing.