How to Reach Russ

He's at home
His cell 619-778-3231

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Banner Day!!!

Russ has had a banner day today, staples removed, street clothes on, and getting into a wheel chair for threapy. It wore me out watching him. They keep him busy all morning and early afternoon.
He can have visitors now, during the week it's best after 4. On the weekends I don't know about Sat. But Sun. he has the day off from therapy to rest.

You can call to check up on him if you like anytime before 8:30 pm 858-939-4726 . He's at Sharp Rehabilitation( by Mary Birch)center 2999 Health Center Drive, SD room 144 bed 1.

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  1. I am never surprized at what a great God we have. I remember two thanksgivings ago and we we are serving at the Harbision fire victims Thanksgiving. Your family is so giving so don't robb us of the blessing of helping you out when you need it Lisa. Please reach out for anything. What a beautiful photo of you two!