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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Farewell to all my friends at Sharp Rehab

Tonight is the last night in the hospital for Russ. Tomorrow Christmas Eve the present I wanted the most is being delivered, Russ is coming home for good. It's been a good week, he's made a lot of progress and his therapists are kicking him out. They say they've taught him all they can for now, he can transfer from bed to wheelchair with very little help and he even stands upright with a platform walker, basically uses his arms to support his body and pushes with his left foot. He can get dressed in bed with the help of all of his nifty tools, and can even brush his own hair:) Oh, speaking of hair for all of you who think he can't grow any, just check out the picture of how much I cut off of his head. We hope to see all of you soon, Merry Christmas and God Bless.