How to Reach Russ

He's at home
His cell 619-778-3231

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday - The Day of the Accident

Russ was run over by a dump truck on Monday morning. He has had his wrist and his pelvic bones repaired and is doing well in ICU. Hopefully he'll be moved to the regular floor soon. It will be a long recovery, he is already moving his feet together on his own though, he's one strong man. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.


  1. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Remember "Faith not fear"!

  2. Dear Michaud Family,
    I volunteered at the Baptism weekend and I lifted Russ and your family up in front of the entire group so we kept you in prayer through out the weekend and will continue to pray for healing. Lisa please utilize me as a source when Russ gets home for any home health care needs. I live right near the lake now and am available to you, 619-495-0479. Stay strong in Christ love and Faith. Your Friend, Heidi Meehan.