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Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Flys

Well so much for posting every week, every night I think I'm going to get to that post and every night I end up in bed sleeping. So now that the time has changed and my body thinks it's 8:30 I'm finally awake to post.
This is a picture of us at our dear friend Amy's wedding, notice Russ is standing with no walker and has on dress-up clothes. Yes, he's walking on his own the therapists told him to get rid of the walker and so he has. I was nervous about him being around the dogs and small children and being off balance. So his 5'3" tiny therapist took him outside to walk on the uneven grass and started pushing him, on his side, bumped his leg, pushed his shoulder, and he stayed upright with little trouble. So of course Russ couldn't let this opportunity pass to have a little fun, he started yelling out for help, saying that she was abusing him. He says there were a few people that stopped to see if he was ok. I guess they had a good laugh.
So now he's on a Tuesday and Thursday therapy rotation, with doctors appointments in between. His caregivers are gone and he is working on his own at home on off days trying to build his strength. We're hoping that he'll be attending the Pain Program at the Re-had center and start learning different ways to deal with his pain so he can be weaned off of the pain meds. Everyday brings a new challenge Sunday it was a bladder infection and today it's either scar tissue in his urethra or an enlarged prostrate. So now my hunny who hates taking pills is consuming 14-18 a day. Wow, how quickly things can change.
We are doing a few more things now and moving around a bit lighter. Saturday the 13th we celebrated Steven's 19th birthday and enjoyed visiting with him. We're really proud of how well Steven is doing at school, but miss him a lot. He's not coming home every weekend any longer because of the cost of gas ( ya 100 bucks a week gets old real quick) he needs a job up in the Riverside area. If anyone knows of part time work in that area let us know, pleasssse.
So I could end this post with a meaningless promise of writing more often, but instead promise to look after Russ and post when possible. Love and thanks to you all for your prayers and well wishes.

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